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 Ali Nailor-speech outline

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PostSubject: Ali Nailor-speech outline   Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:57 am

Mandatory Speech Outline

TOPIC: Way better than fast food?
Purpose of speech: To inform
Intended audience: General

Americans love their food fast, hot, and on the spot. And now one restaurant chain has come up with a new phenomenon: fast food that’s “way better” than fast food. If you’re like me, you probably find that statement a little confusing.

Not all fast food is created equal.

Road Map:
In this speech, I will discuss differences in fast food restaurant chains, including the nutritional value of the food, customer satisfaction, and ethics in business practice.

First Point:
Not all fast food restaurants have the same nutritional value in their food.

Supporting Evidence:
Nutritional information from company websites and other sources

Second Point:
Some restaurant chains have greater customer satisfaction. (cost/taste/service)

Supporting Evidence:
Cost comparisons from online information and local restaurants
Customer satisfaction polls, etc.

Third Point:
Ethical business practices, including employee benefits, employee satisfaction, charities, and community involvement, vary from company to company.

Supporting Evidence:
Information from restaurant websites and employee surveys

It’s arguable whether any fast food chain is way better than another, but there are differences that you should consider before you plunk down five dollars for your “value” meal. Consider what you value. Do you value good nutrition? Do you value what’s in your wallet? Or do you value what a company does with their profits? Remember, not all fast food is created equal.
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Ali Nailor-speech outline
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