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 My negative case

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PostSubject: My negative case   Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:24 am

Negative Case

“We in America have learned bitter lessons from two world wars: It is better to be here [in Europe] ready to protect the peace, than to take blind shelter across the sea, rushing to respond only after freedom is lost. We've learned that isolationism never was and never will be an acceptable response to tyrannical governments with an expansionist intent.”” This spectacular quote comes from Ronald Reagan.
Good afternoon. My name is Bram Detwiler and I will be the negative speaker for the following debate round. I would like to thank the judge, timer, and affirmative speaker for being here today. My value for this round will be Freedom, and for the purpose of upholding my value I stand resolved that *America ought to NOT more highly value isolationism*.
In this case I will demonstrate that my value of Freedom dictates that we negate the resolution.
In order to provide clarity and mutual understanding in today’s debate round, I would like to define isolationism. Isolationism is defined by Cambridge International Dictionary of English as the political principle or practice of showing interest only in your own country and not being involved in international activities.
My value for this round, Freedom, is defined by The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language as “The condition of being free of restraints.” Freedom is the highest value in the hierarchy of values because it is the corner stone of this country’s entire.
In today’s debate round, I, the negative speaker, have the privilege of proving the truth of the negating the resolution, which states that America ought to more highly value isolationism. I must negate the resolution through my three contentions for the purpose of achieving my value of Freedom. If I fulfill my burdens, I should be granted the win.
My thesis statement is that Isolationism inhibits the freedoms we hold dear in the United States. It does this by limiting the free exchange of ideas, positive influences of other countries, and limiting the economic benefit of a free market.
I will now proceed to explain in my three (?) contentions exactly why America should not ought to more highly value isolationism.

Isolationism inhibits the free exchange of ideas. We need to foster open communications with other countries. Doing this allows us to better determine how to interact in the Global community. We can learn from the mistakes and success of other nations. It is only through ongoing debate and dialogue that we can better determine what is best. We value debate, as we understand that when 2 people disagree on an issue they must have the opportunity to communicate and persuade each other through open, civilized communications. Doing so allows us to better determine what is true. Limiting the free exchange of ideas and communication would not be beneficial.
Isolationism would deter the positive input from other countries. We learn from watching other countries and we have benefited greatly from adapting these lessons learned to improve our own country. (Teflon and Dry cleaning example insert)
In addition to this we are a cultural melting pot and part of what makes this country great is our diversity.
Valuing freedom encourages economic stability. A Global free market enterprise encourages competition and protects the consumer from monopolies. If we allow interventionist strategies to invade our government policies and we seek to cut off imports and exports then the world market and economy would suffer.
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PostSubject: Re: My negative case   Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:59 pm

[quote]n today’s debate round, I, the negative speaker, have the privilege of proving the truth of the negating the resolution, which states that America ought to more highly value isolationism.

Another clip and past from the template that needs to be adjusted...

As the negative speaker I must disprove the resolution through upholding my value and arguing through my two contentions... or something like this...
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My negative case
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