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 my affirmative case so far

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mrs. gray
mrs. gray

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PostSubject: Re: my affirmative case so far   Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:48 pm

Bram you have done a great job with your first case. One thing I noticed when I read it through quickly is that you pasted some words from the template that related to an old resolution. Just make sure you delete this so you don't accidentally include it in your debate.

Quote :
I will now proceed to explain in my two contentions exactly why we have a moral obligation to mitigate significant external conflict.

I also want to know what you're time is on this... It looks to me like you can probably add more support to make use of your entire 6 minutes. Don't stress about this just think about taking time to further elaborate your point..

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my affirmative case so far
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