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 Cross-Ex Questions - One Post

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Sam Chase

Sam Chase

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PostSubject: Cross-Ex Questions - One Post   Tue Dec 07, 2010 2:44 pm

You said that when someone is not conforming, or in unity with the country, there is no country, correct?
Do you therefore agree that England did not exist because the colonists were rebelling?

You said that if an elected representative does not fulfill the needs of the people they will rebel, resulting in riots, like in France.
Do you agree that everyone agrees on what the peoples needs are? or do most of them believe that drugs are wrong, but an addict might say he "needs" them?

Do men always know what is right for them?
Who decides what is good for the populous?
Is what is 'good' always right?

According to your definition of the right to life, you believe that somoene who is living is excercising their right to life?
You also say that a government is legitimate if it gives the governed certain rights, such as, the right to life, correct?
Do you agree that the American government illegitimized itself by saying that slaves were property, not people?
Did slaves exist?
So they were alive?
So they were excersising their right to life?
So the government was legitimate because they allowed the slaves to have their right to life?

Is everyone ever going to agree on the same thing?

Do you agree that it is impossible for a government to be in constant connetion with the will of the people?

Thats all of my cross-ex q's
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Cross-Ex Questions - One Post
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