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 Formatting support

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PostSubject: Formatting support continued   Fri Dec 14, 2007 7:17 pm

Here it is good to have three formats

The first is for extraordinarily well known sources and/or famous quotes with equal well known sources, i.e. George Washington or “Give me liberty or give me death.” Patrick Henry, for whom it would be redundant to offer credentials (He is known as the father of our country, was a founding father, and the first president of the US)

For these …

Put the quote here

Follow the quote with the name


From this view of the subject it may be concluded that a pure democracy, by which I mean a society consisting of a small number of citizens, who assemble and administer the government in person, can admit of no cure for the mischiefs of faction.

George Washington

Then there are the quotes from others who need to have their credentials offered. These quotations come in two groups. First, those who are famous as a group or with a historical event (John Jay founding father and Chief Justice on the Supreme Court or Robespierre leader of the French Revolution or current or former members of the US government) association with that group or their place in a historical event qualifies them enough.


“it may be concluded that … democracy … can admit of no cure for the mischiefs of … [political parties] … [but that] relief is supplied by the republican principle.”

Former President and founding father James Madison

“What form of government did these revolutionaries want? It was democracy.”

Leading French revolutionary, Maximilien Robespierre

Third, there are those who are educated or well researched on a topic (doctors, lawyers, lobbyists, reporters …). This group also includes research done by groups, studies, polls …

Tag line

Who said it, their credentials, and/or where it came from and the date.

The quote, stat, or poll.


NATO useless, harmful

“Worse Than Useless?” by Marian L. Tupy, assistant director of the Project on Global Economic Liberty at the Cato Institute, May 1, 2003

From a military perspective, the case for American withdrawal from NATO seems to have already been made. A number of commentators, including the British historian Paul Johnson, have argued that NATO is an anachronism rendered helpless by distrust and infighting. But there are also compelling economic grounds for American withdrawal. Simply, the American security guarantee perpetuates the continuation of the European welfare states and thus encourages economic sclerosis across the European continent. NATO is not only useless, it's harmful.
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Number of posts : 12
Registration date : 2007-12-13

PostSubject: Formatting support continued   Fri Dec 14, 2007 7:22 pm

4. Examples

What the example is for

The example itself


The end of a democracy whose majority does not uphold justice

Exhibited in the French Revolution and the bloody way in which it ended.

Finally I would like to suggest that all forum members go into their profiles and add to their signatures their first and last names. In addition, you will have to go into your Preferences and tell it to always show your signature.
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Formatting support
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