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 Debate Check List

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PostSubject: Debate Check List   Fri Dec 14, 2007 5:19 pm


(check off each speech after it has been completed)
Affirmative Constructive 6 minutes
D Cross-Examination (of A by N) 3 minutes
D Negative Constructive 7 minute
D Cross-Examination (of N by A) 3 minutes
D First Affirmative Rebuttal 4 minutes
D Negative Rebuttal 6 minutes
D Second Affirmative Rebuttal 3 minutes
Prep time allowed 3 minutes
Each team receives 3 minutes total. No individual is allowed to take prep time
before cross-examination. Prep time is deducted from the debater who speaks
Affirmative team prep time used: Negative team prep time used:
Before 1AR_________________ Before NC________________
Before 2AR_________________ Before NR________________
*Be prepared to tell the debater how much prep time they have used if asked.
Hand Signals for Keeping Time:
For constructive speeches: Hold up four fingers to indicate when the speaker has four
minutes left. Keep holding up your hand until you are sure that the speaker has seen it.
Then, hold up three fingers when there are three minutes left, two fingers for two minutes,
and so on. When there are 30 seconds left, hold up one finger bent in half. Verbally
announce when the time has run out.
For rebuttals: Hold up three fingers to indicate that the speaker has three minutes left.
Follow the rest of the hand-signals outlined above.
For cross-examinations: Give hand signals after each minute and when there are 30 seconds
left as outlined above.
Using Time Cards
Instead of hand signals, which vary between timekeepers, many tournaments have
started to use time cards instead. Cards should be used in the same manner as described
above for hand signals.

"D" is the check box!

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Debate Check List
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