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 Rebekah's Logical Fallacies

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Rebekah Mackin

Rebekah Mackin

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PostSubject: Rebekah's Logical Fallacies   Wed Oct 06, 2010 12:10 pm

Straw Man:
Political Candidate A- "Due to this year's budget problems, I think our state should decrease the amount of money going to the schools. This would solve the problem. We could bring the amount of money back to normal next year."
Political Candidate B- "My fellow citizens of this state. Is this what you want in a candidate? Someone who is against our schools, against our children's education, and against our future?"

Slippery Slope:
You can never give anyone a break. If you do, they'll walk all over you.

Appeal to Fear:
Advertisement: A picture of a ding bathroom. A voice says, "Is this what your bathroom looks like?" This is followed by a microscopic close-up of the bathtub, showing little bugs crawling around. "Here is what is going on where you can't see."
"Use Everclean for a fresher looking bathroom."

Appeal to the people
"This new book, The Fallacy Detective, must be the best logic book around. It has been on the best-seller list for months."

Appeal to Pity:
Officer: "I stopped you because you were going 58 mph in a 25 mph zone. I'm going to have to write you a ticket." Motorist: "But officer,this is the fifth ticket I've been given this year. If I get another ticket, then they will take my licence
away, and I won't be able to drive to work. My wife and children will starve."

P.S. I had this done on Sunday... but I went camping & forgot to post this! Just got home! Smile
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Rebekah's Logical Fallacies
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