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 A Couple Purchases to consider to prep for LD

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A Couple Purchases to consider to prep for LD Empty
PostSubject: A Couple Purchases to consider to prep for LD   A Couple Purchases to consider to prep for LD EmptyFri Oct 01, 2010 9:17 am

Hello Mom's / Students, We have now started learning debate and I wanted to make you aware of a few additional resources that students may want to consider as they start researching the current resolution.

As I mentioned at the orientation, the red book is one way to help students get their heads around the big ideas of this resolution. This is particularly helpful for those who know they won't have a great deal of time to do the necessary research to fully understand all the foundational / philosophical issues surrounding this years resolution.
I have already posted an article that Samuel Johnson contributed to this resource and it gives a good idea of the type of information that you will see in this publication.
They advertise a package option that includes flow sheets etc. I personally believe the flow sheets are fluff and not necessary. But the package deal would be a good deal if we had 10 or more orders thus getting a significant discount.

In addition to the Red Book, you may also want to consider the White Book. The writers of this book are mostly region 9 debaters so it might be helpful to know what they are thinking about this resolution too. I attended the LD training with Matthew silver in August.


I am not out to spend your money and truly believe one of the biggest benefits of learning debate is learning how to research and process history for argumentation. These resources can save time by processing through the extensive amount of information that is available, therefore giving your student a better understanding about the common arguments that will be presented with this resolution. Both of these resources are optional.
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A Couple Purchases to consider to prep for LD
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