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 james afirmative case

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PostSubject: james afirmative case   Wed Dec 12, 2007 12:02 am

" We should not entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition." This powerful quote comes from George Washington.

Good afternoon my name is James Apple and I will be the affirmative for the following debate round. I would like to thank the judge, timer and the negative speaker for being here today. My value for this round will be unity and for the purpose of upholding my value I stand resolved. that isolationism
will cause great technological and social gains. In this case I will demonstrate that my value of unity dictates that we affirm the resolution.

In order to provide clarity and mutual understanding in today’s debate round, I will define some of the key terms that are found within the resolution and that I will be using extensively throughout the following round.
First of all, unity is defined by dictionary.com as a whole or totality as combining all its parts into one

Value and Criterion:
My value for this round , unity, is defined by dictionay.com as “Freedom from risk or danger”.
unity is the highest value in the hierarchy of values because it is a basic need for a human to feel safe in the places they work, play and raise a family.

In today’s debate round, I, the negative speaker, have the privilege of negating the resolution, which states the United States ought to more highly value isolationism. I must affirm the resolution through my three contentions for the purpose of achieving my value of unity. If I fulfill my burdens, I should be granted the win.

My thesis statement is that isolationism
will cause great technological and social gains due to unity and interweaving in people

My first contention is that a foreign policy of isolationism or non-intervention in world affairs can protect our citizens from subversive ideas spread by those international factions we find unpleasant and unproductive to our society
Isolationism can further the strength of the status quo or party in power by limiting new ideas and relationships that would cause unrest in the populace and place in them a spirit of dissatisfaction.

I, the affirmative speaker, have the privilege of affirming the resolution and being in favor of isolationism. Throughout my contentions, I have argued 2 main points.

I would like to close with a quote from Karl Marx, who once proclaimed, ““I am greatly pleased with the public, authentic isolation in which we two, you and I, now find ourselves. It is wholly in accord with our attitude and our principle””

Thank you. I have fulfilled my burden and affirmed the resolution. I now respectfully urge the judge to negate the resolution. Thank you and I now stand ready for cross-examination and further points of clarification.


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james afirmative case
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