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 Here is a Constructive case framework

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PostSubject: Here is a Constructive case framework   Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:28 pm

Here is a FRAMEWORK to help get you started on writing a constructive case:
Please remember there are many ways to "skin a cat" this is just a suggested framework.

Introduction: Start with a HOOK. (something to get your judges attention)
• Quote “__<insert quote>___” This great quote comes from _<insert source of quote>_.or
<insert a short story or historical example> I use this story to illustrate _<insert why this story makes a point>_.My name is _<insert name>___ and I am the Affirmative speaker for this debate round. I would like to thank the judge, timer, and negative speaker for being here today. My value for this round will be __<insert value here>__, and for the purpose of supporting this value I stand resolved ___< insert Thesis here>____. In this case I will demonstrate that my value __ <insert value>__ requires us to affirm the resolution which states: ____<insert your resolution here>______.I am going to define a few of the key words in this resolution to ensure that we all understand what this resolution means. I present these definitions as the standard for which you can further understand this debate. <<< INSERT YOUR AFFIRMATIVE DEFINITIONS HERE including a definition for your value.>>>> My value is the most important value in this debate round because: <<State your Thesis again.>>
As the affirmative speaker in today’s debate round, I have the privilege of agreeing with the truth of this resolution. In order to win this debate I will show how my value is the most important value to consider when deciding on this resolution. I will show this with my <<2/3/4>> main points.
Before I move onto my contentions let me first explain why my value is the most important value to consider…<<< (insert your reasoning behind why your value is important. You may also want to give a concrete way that your value is achieved in society today>>>>My first argument explaining why my value requires us to affirm this resolution is:
1. State point one: (insert TAG line) then offer historical examples, analogies, personal insight, or quotations to support this point.
2. State point two: (insert TAG line) offer historical examples, analogies, personal insight, or quotations to support this point.
3. State point three: (insert TAG line) offer historical examples, analogies, personal insight, or quotations, to support this point.CONCLUSION: In summary I would like the judge to consider these three points (restate or summarize your major points briefly if time allows)
I’ll close with a quote from _<insert person’s name>__ who says “ __ <insert quote>_”.Thank you, I now stand ready for cross examination.
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Here is a Constructive case framework
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