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 Caleb's Negative

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PostSubject: Caleb's Negative   Caleb's Negative EmptySun Apr 05, 2009 10:44 am

Hey guys,
Sorry this was so long in coming. However, if I debate you in round, I will warn you that it is my habit to go off script. Also, I do not see a place for my affirmative but if someone wants to see it tomorrow I will be happy to show it to them.
Our founding fathers grew up in a world in which their inherent rights to life, liberty, and property were quickly and easily violated by the English government. As they grew to be men, they chose to stand up for those right, but NOT in an idealistic manner. The reason they chose the pragmatic path is because they held the value, my value, of general welfare. To meet this they chose the pragmatic way over idealism because of the over-bearing consistency which idealism requires. As we go through this round, we will see that pragmatism is the only philosophy that can uphold natural law, the general welfare, and ______ properly.

The value of the general welfare, is defined as the combination of the values of life, liberty, property, and justice together and is synonymous with meeting natural law and with acting pragmatically, as philosophers and historic individuals state.

The criterion that will achieve this value of general welfare is the fulfillment of the four requirements of pragmatism alone-not idealism. These four requirements stipulate that our actions must be: 1) morally excellent, 2) virtuous, 3) ethical, 4) capable of achieving our goal at the same time. If any action or goal does not meet all four of these requirements it cannot be pragmatic.
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Caleb's Negative
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