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 LOVE as a VALUE... I've just got to go there!

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PostSubject: LOVE as a VALUE... I've just got to go there!   Sat Nov 15, 2008 1:04 am

I know we brainstormed values together and everyone (or at least a majority of the guys) stuck their tongues out when I mentioned love as a value... but my thoughts keep going back to it as a really neat value to build a case around. Keep in mind.. a majority of your judges will be women...

I would like to present that some people today are in love with the idea of being in love. There is significant pressure for young people to start "dating" and having exclusive relationships way before they are ready to do so. The social expectation that young adults must date and or have exclusive guy girl relationships is way out of proportion to the pragmatic realism that would be required for these relationships to be healthy. Young people today rush into relationships far too quickly because they are in love with being in love, but they fail to prepare themselves in advance for the pragmatic work that is necessary for love to really exist. All one has to do is ask a young adult if he/ she truly understands what it means to be in love or if he/ she is aware of what it takes to make LOVE work and you can quickly get the mushy answers that reflect an idealistic mantra... Love to a young idealist is all about emotion and feeling. Talk to someone who has been married for many years and you'll receive a much more pragmatic response. Love is a decision... a decision to cherish and uphold the heart and best interests of another person. This takes pragmatic action! It takes work.

Chew on that a bit.
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LOVE as a VALUE... I've just got to go there!
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