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 Canadian Foreign Policy (Idealism)

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Canadian Foreign Policy (Idealism) Empty
PostSubject: Canadian Foreign Policy (Idealism)   Canadian Foreign Policy (Idealism) EmptyWed Nov 12, 2008 11:03 am

Pragmatic Idealism
Canadian Foreign Policy
by: Costas Melakopides

“Idealism Assumptions: Human natures is neither evil nor static.Human history also contains the story of peace and cooperation among peoples.”

“But idealism, at least in earlier formulations, also has notable weaknesses. First, it has been accused of sentimentalism, naïveté, and romantic excesses, particularly in some of its extreme or uncautious assumptions of human nature and human history, its optimism about interstate cooperation, and its emphasis on ethical principles and values. Second, it has been found to exaggerate the role and effectiveness of international law, international organizations, and international morality. Third, idealism has downplayed the importance of defense and security, because of its inherent optimism and antimilitarism. And fourth, it has been slow in proposing effective ways to implement its overly ambitious agenda. “
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Canadian Foreign Policy (Idealism)
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