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 Morgan's Afirmative Briefs.

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Morgan's Afirmative Briefs. Empty
PostSubject: Morgan's Afirmative Briefs.   Morgan's Afirmative Briefs. EmptyWed Nov 12, 2008 10:04 am

These briefs are in regards to my case. The definition I use for Pragmatism is "a straightforward practical way of thinking about things or dealing with problems, concerned with results rather than with theories and principles"(Encarta World Dictionary)

Pragmatism and idealism should be valued equally.

Valuing Pragmatism and idealism equally is impossible: by definition Pragmatism is "without regard to theory's or Ideals" if this is true and Pragmatism doesn't involve ideals how can they be valued equally.Blindness is without regard to sight but can someone value them equally.Only things that are familiar can be valued equally Pragmatism and Idealism are direct opposites and as such cannot be valued equally.Also I would like to point to the resolution which says "When in conflict Idealism ought to be valued above Pragmatism" It specifically says that they conflict or can conflict and things that conflict cannot be valued equally.Could someone hope to value Winning and Losing and hope to attain anything or Peace and War?If something conflicts it cannot agree and if it doesn't agree it cannot be valued the same and in the end hope to get anywhere.

Pragmatism and Idealism never conflict

The resolution says when in conflict so.........

Idealism is to inflexible to succeed

Sometimes this may be true,Idealism is not always going to complete the end goal but Idealism will keep the ideals in mind while achieving that goal therefore completing more of the goal than Pragmatism would.As in Freedom when someone needs to get something done that takes away Freedom the Idealist would stay with Freedom and in the end achieve more of that Freedom than the person who took the Freedom away.

We should value Pragmatism sometimes higher than Idealism.

If we value Pragmatism higher in any case then we lose the ideal because we took away the guiding light. Idealism will follow the Ideals more fully and completely and therefore end with a more full and complete result. In the compass example I explained how wavering even a little bit will lead to hundreds of miles off target in the end.
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Morgan's Afirmative Briefs.
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