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 Preston's negative briefs

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PostSubject: Preston's negative briefs   Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:48 pm

It would be nice for me at least if someone could post some more possible brief topics to work on. And once again any comments would be GREATLY appreciated Very Happy

Negative briefs

Brief 1: Pragmatism is inconsistent

This is an exaggerated statement. Pragmatism is not inconsistent it is simply flexible. Pragmatists are simply able to change their stance on issues depending on the situation. Because in different situations, differing choices need to be made, being flexible is a good thing. As my example earlier stated; with a pragmatic view although killing to you is wrong you can justify war, whereas an idealist is unable to make different choices according to that circumstance.

Brief 2: Pragmatism is less valuable than Idealism

The converse of this statement is more true because, Idealism forces us to follow the same principles while Pragmatism is flexible. Because in different situations different choices need to be made we ought to value Pragmatism more than Idealism. Notice that I did not say that Idealism should be disregarded. In certain situations Idealism ought to be valued also but Pragmatism should be followed more often.

Brief 3: Pragmatism is merely a means to an end

Isnít that true for Idealism also? Think about it. Our goal through either of the two ways of thinking, is to achieve an ideal so in the end our goal will be achieved whether through Pragmatism or Idealism.

Brief 4: Is quality of life the highest value?

Look at it this way, quality of life encompasses most values we hold. With the highest quality of life, comes the best form of all values. If you achieve the best quality of life then we would also have the most important values fulfilled so in essence this value contains most values in a small form.

Swimmer Dude

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Adam Sprecher

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PostSubject: Re: Preston's negative briefs   Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:01 pm

Hey man, just one thing. You might not want to elaborate too much in your second brief about needing to aspire to ideals because without it there is no point. Most affirmatives will definitely use that to their advantage if you come out and say that.

Just a thought...
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PostSubject: Re: Preston's negative briefs   Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:39 am

Hey good point I guess I shouldn't go that far with what I'm saying. I see exactly where they could go with that argument, and it would definately be a dangerous move so I think I'll change that.

Swimmer Dude
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PostSubject: Re: Preston's negative briefs   

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Preston's negative briefs
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