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 Kelsey's Briefs against Negative

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Kelsey's Briefs against Negative Empty
PostSubject: Kelsey's Briefs against Negative   Kelsey's Briefs against Negative EmptyTue Nov 11, 2008 12:23 pm

1.Pragmatism should be valued equally with Idealism
Pragmatism is just the journey to an end, or ideal. Therefore we can not value them equally because they are not the same. Ideals, becuase they are being pursued by pragmatism can not be as equally valuble as pragmatism. ex. climbing a mountain. The ideal is to see the view, all you can see right now are rocks, but once you reach the top (ideal) you can see the beautiful view. Which was more important and valued, the end view? Or the rocky, exhausting climb to get there?

2.Pragmatism is flexible, idealism is rigid.
Yes, but let us see that this is not a bad thing. Idealism is unchanging . . . this means that we should value it above an everchanging pragmatism because it is more dependable and trustworthy. Pragmatism allows for change, which is good, but this should only be in response to a differing and changing society, and should be for the purpose of attaining our unchanging ideals. In addition, changing actions can often get us into trouble. ex. ? (anyone have any fabulous ideas?)

3.Without Pragmatism, we would never reach our goals.
Pragmatism is definately important to reach our goals, but our goals are more important then how we get there. Pragmatism without an ideal is pointless, however, an ideal is infinately more important than the path together, even if there is no path yet. Take, for example, a family who wants to go on vacation. Do they pile in the car and aimlessly drive around without a place to go or a direction? No, they first have an idea of where they want to go, and even if they don't have a perfect plan to get there yet, they at least know where they want to go.

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Kelsey's Briefs against Negative
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